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A soldier (played by freshman Noah Sheidlower) blows the trumpet in the town square.
Leaving the tobacco factory, the cigarette girls mingle with the soldiers in the town square.
Carmen (played by senior Elora Aclin) stands surrounded by the soldiers and cigarette girls as she confronts Don José (played by senior Jonathan Schindler, not pictured), the only man not paying attention to her.
Micaëla (played by sophomore Susan Fendt) and Don José (played by senior Jonathan Schindler) share a tender moment after she delivers him a letter from his mother that entreats him to return to his home village and marry Micaëla.
As an opera, the production of Carmen also includes music. With their sheets illuminated by the music stand lights, the pit orchestra accompanies the cast on stage.
Soldiers (played by junior Ben Weber and senior Jonathan Schindler) struggle to pull apart the fighting Carmen (played by Elora Aclin) and cigarette girl (played by Fiona Lyngstad-Hughes).
Arrested and in custody, Carmen (played by senior Elora Aclin) convinces Don José (played by senior Jonathan Schindler) to release her with promises that she will meet him at Lillas Pastia's tavern.
After manipulating Don José into freeing her, Carmen (played by senior Elora Aclin) flaunts and swings the rope that bound her hands.
On left, Carmen (played by senior Elora Aclin) saunters up to Zuniga (played by junior William Ren) and flirts with him in Lillas Pastia's tavern.
From left to right, Frasquita (played by junior Alexis Pramberger) and Escamillo, a toreador, (played by junior Noah Harouche) imitate bullfighting.
Fraquita (played by junior Alexis Pramberger) entertains people at the tavern by dancing and playing the tambourine.
Ensemble members senior Vanna Qing and junior Brandon Li perform a Spanish dance during Act II of Carmen.
Carmen (played by senior Elora Aclin) is actually part of a band of smugglers, composed of, from right to left, Frasquita (played by juinior Alexis Pramberger), El Remendado (played by sophomore Patrick Shen), El Dancaïro (played by senior Sean Na), and Mercedes (played by freshman Danielle Drucker).
Carmen (played by senior Elora Aclin) and Don José (played by senior Jonathan Schindler) embrace after he deserts the military and joins her and her band of smugglers in the mountains.
From left to right, Mercedes (played by freshman Danielle Drucker) and Frasquita (played by junior Alexis Pramberger), smugglers and companions of Carmen, peruse through their tarot cards as they seek information about their fates.
At the conclusion of Act IV, Don José (played by senior Jonathan Schindler) kills Carmen (played by senior Elora Aclin) outside the bullfighter arena after she declares their affair over and that she loves Escamillo now.
Photos taken by Katelyn Lee
Captions written by Jacqueline Liao, Vera Lin, and Annie Yang

On Friday April 8 and Saturday April 9, the Music Department presented its 47th annual opera production Carmen. Carmen was originally a novella by Prosper Mérimée. The text for the opera was written by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy, and the music was composed by Georges Bizet. Although the opera was abridged at South, students still performed Carmen in its original language of French and played the actual music score.

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