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Farewell to Retirees!

Ms. Linda Dragunat
"Teaching has made me a better person. You come to realize each student out of 180 or so that you have every year is someone's daughter or son, and you only want the best for them. To my students—work hard and enjoy every minute of high school. You will cherish memories of these years."
Ms. Eileen Mangiacapre
"My favorite thing has been that by coming to the high school from the middle school, I've been able to watch my students grow from grade 6 until their graduation and really get to know them over the course of their lives. It's amazing to see this senior class. I know all of them from sixth grade, and I just think about how we used to hang out and laugh together then—and we are still hanging out and laughing now! It's the personal relationships I so deeply value, and the trust and bond I've formed with them. I am so grateful to 'graduate' with them!"
Ms. Eileen McPartland
"For the last thirty something years, teaching has been my life! It has helped shape me into who I am today. Some of my best friends are colleagues that I met here! With all the constant changes both academically and technologically, I have become and will continue to be a constant learner. I don’t think there has been one summer since I started at South High where I have not taken courses to enhance my skills! I have learned so much about people, about the need to see the whole picture and not just the academics. I have made life long friendships with teachers, staff, and students. Teaching has challenged me both academically and personally."
Ms. Debra Cruz
"As an ESL teacher, I am learning from my students all the time. I am always asking them about their different countries and cultures. Every moment has been memorable; there is no such thing as a bad moment. I love my job here. I have great students. I am very lucky, very blessed. I have very mixed emotions about leaving—but many people know that already. I have been blessed to teach in such a fabulous school and district, to work with such wonderful colleagues and students, and to have spent 26 years of my life here."
Photos taken by Lauren Reiss

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