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Revising Rebel War

By Casey Sanders

While every year those involved in planning Rebel War make adjustments in an attempt to increase attendance, this year marks some of the biggest, most notable changes. This year, the event will be held immediately after school on Friday, March 3, instead of the traditional Saturday evening time slot.

These two changes were made for one simple reason: student turnout. Over the last few years, the number of students who attend and participate in Rebel War has dramatically decreased. The class planning advisors and administration hope that attendance will increase by holding the event at 3 p.m. Friday because everyone will already be in school.

Despite the change of date, the night will still be run the same way with the events as follows: first Earth Ball, then a ball over/under relay, followed by a turtle relay, three-legged races, speed ball, a razor scooter relay, a 3-point shoot-out, balloon stomp and a tug-of-war to close out the night. All of these events include multiple people working together to accomplish one said goal: beat the other grades.

Both students and teachers believe that this year’s Rebel War will be a success due to the changes. Junior Noa Daskal said she is excited for Rebel War because “[it] provides fun and exciting competition, while bringing classmates closer together.”

Another strong advocate for this year’s event is social studies teacher and class planning adviser Mr. David Moyal, who mentioned that “with all of the pressure and focus on academics at this school, it is nice to be at an event that is solely about coming together as a grade and having fun as a school.”

In light of these changes, everyone is strongly encouraged to bring back the spirit of Great Neck South by participating in fun, competitive games among the grades.

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