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New Protocol in Reaction to Bus 47 Safety Hazard

By Ashley Koo

At 3:30pm, Bus 47 is one of the most populated after school buses. With so many students and not enough seats, travel from school to home has been anything but peaceful. As of last week, the overcrowding has been deemed a safety hazard. Pushing, shoving, and falling, students often squeezed through a frenzied mob in an effort to get a seat, praying not to be the unfortunate ones forced to sit in the aisle. One student even accidentally knocked over a fire hydrant while trying to board the bus.

This issue has been ongoing for the majority of the school year; however, the issue was brought to the attention of the faculty only as of last week. Seniors Katie Lam and Olivia Lundelius and a few other frustrated students recorded and photographed the daily mayhem and sent the video evidence to Dean Passarella. In response to this issue, Dean Passarella said, “All students must be sitting in a seat. This was a clear safety hazard.” According to the Dean, a new protocol will be in effect March 13: The bus stops originally reserved for bus 47 will be divided into three separate buses—Bus 47, Bus 48, and Bus 65.

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