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South Security Measures Strengthened Following Florida School Shooting

By Cara Becker

In light of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, schools across the nation are taking preventative measures to enhance security. For months leading up to this tragedy, South’s administration has been working in conjunction with the Lake Success Police Department to improve the safety of our school grounds and the vigilance of both the faculty and the student body. However, because of the Florida shooting, South has implemented some immediate changes.

Assistant Superintendent John Powell and Principal Dr. Gitz emailed parents about new safety measures following the tragedy. South’s new drop off procedure, which is among the larger changes, allots buses a 25 minute time period for drop off. Car drop offs must be made either before 7:25 or after 7:45 in the morning to ensure that security guards and the administration can monitor all school entrants.

To that point, students and faculty must enter the school through the main door; other doors, like the east and west gym doors, will be locked throughout school hours. If a friend or teacher knocks on a door other than the main door, students should point him or her to the main entrance door. Students must take this measure seriously or otherwise face disciplinary action discipline. The administration also strongly encourages students who get rides from senior drivers to walk from the lower lot to the main entrance as opposed to getting dropped off in front to avoid congestion.

The administration has begun to discuss and will continue to discuss the implications of safety protocol changes. Dr. Gitz spoke to students in their social studies classes about the new precautions and the importance of abiding by these measures. He also made clear that he wants all students to feel safe and is open to discussion about the implementation of the safety measures.

On Thursday, March 8, students will attend a presentation by the Nassau County Police Department. A police officer will explain the lockdown procedures so that all students will understand what they are supposed to do in the event of a lockdown.

Although the journey to school safety is a marathon that is only at the starting line, South has begun and will continue to take action to prevent incidents from occurring. It is of great importance to the entire school community to make South as safe as possible.

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